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Top 7 Worst Foods for Muscle Building


Putting muscle mass is easy by following a cycle of eating food, lifting weights, and sleep but always individuals are confused in respect of nutrition. As if you don’t eat the right foods it will slow down your progress. Therefore you need to choose foods wisely that fuel your body and feed your muscles. So, here I am going to show the worst mistakes of nutrition that hurt your growth or keep your steps backward for reaching your goal.

  1. Sports Drink/Soda/Sweetened Beverages: Various commercial ads are seen by you, whom they are focusing on electrolytes present in sports drinks but various researchers find out that they are very poor in nutrition and energy-dense. They are fine when you are doing multiple hours of high-intensity cardio but if not, stick on water. Soda is also not very helpful in building muscles because adding fake sugars or extra calories throughout the day leads to weight gain.
  2. Protein Shakes in a row: Protein shakes are good but too much goodness sometimes hampers your health because if you flooded your bloodstream with too much protein, your body will convert it into fat not in muscles so always take as per recommendations.
  3. Alcohols: Alcohol is not good for sure because it not only screws your protein synthesis by depriving the testosterone levels but also decreases the recovery of muscles due to sleep deprivation. Alcohols also put more stress on your body by increasing antioxidants’ demands. Plus it added extra carbs to your diet, which makes it difficult to get six-pack physiques.
  4. Candy Bars: You find out it interesting because everyone who builds muscles is used the same as it contains Peanuts! Proteins! which gives the feeling of fullness after workouts but always it added sugars in your daily plan and that sugars convert into fat which means you are bulking out not up. In the market, you also find out some granola bars as well in which chocolate, candy pieces, and other ingredients as well have more calories, sugar, or fat than you realize which destroy the menu of muscle building.
  5. Doughnuts: In muscle building, anything which is high in fat and low in protein is not good because you are sacrificing calories for too little protein. Plus they are made up of refined flour and no healthful ingredients for growing muscles and it is fried as well. Moreover, sometimes it adds cream and cheese which is saturated fat that does nothing is building muscle.
  6. Caffeine: Ya! I know everyone thinks it is good as it improves performance while building muscles. But the problem comes when you are taking too much caffeine at the wrong time and not able to sleep properly. So, if you are taking caffeine, try to take it on perfect time that does not hamper your rest and recovery of the body.
  7. Egg Whites: Everyone is shocked! Right! How egg whites are not good for muscle building, so yes eating egg whites doesn’t hurt your gains but yes, only eating egg whites can, as it is the best source of natural protein but muscles need more than this to grow i.e. cholesterol. Because cholesterol is the precursor to all sex hormones which includes testosterone levels that improves muscle size and strength drastically.

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