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Top 7 Tips how Women can gain Muscles at home

We know every woman who is going to the gym is not for weight loss only, some are for building muscles. It is always a great idea to gain muscles as it gives the body which you want and gives the looks that feel fuller and appropriate. Moreover, it is also proven by various researches that more muscle means to have better metabolism.Therefore, Dear all women, we are here with the top seven tips for gaining muscles at your home. So if your goal is set in the mind of gaining muscles, then these tips are just meant for you. Gym or no gym, these tips will help you in the right way to gain muscles.

  • Lift more weights –
    We know, most of you think that it is only a man thing, but No both men and women have the same muscle groups, the only thing that differentiates in between is their hormones. So, don’t be shy ever to lift weights and decide the amount of weight according to your comfort. You all can start with 2.5-kilo dumbbells and go ahead slowly and steadily.
  • Choose the appropriate moves –
    To achieve any goal, there is a need to choose the appropriate moves that help you to achieve your goal. So, choose the right kind of exercise. You can include push-ups, pull-ups, deadlifts, lunges, curls, triceps dips, squats, and chest press in your workout routine because all these exercises target multiple groups of muscles in one shot and this can be the best move of your life when it goes to muscle gain.
  • Keep track of your sets and reps –
    Sets and repetitions are not the same, they make a lot of difference and while deciding it; you have to consider the amount of weights you are lifting. Your weight and repetitions should be inversely proportional to each other to gain muscles.
  • Incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your daily regimen –
    Create your circuit by choosing five to six exercises that are high in intensity like burpees, high knees, etc. as there is an endless range of exercises that you can include. Various researches also prove that HIIT exercises are one of the best ways to gain muscles without any equipment.
  • Make sure your muscles are correctly contracted –
    When comes to muscle gain, contraction is the key because lack of movement and contraction leads to no muscle gain. If your muscle’s movement is not strong enough, then you are failing to give energy towards your muscle. So, always do slow repetitions and hold the movement for some seconds for better contraction.
  • Take adequate nutrition –
    This is also an important factor for muscle growth. Every woman should be careful about what they are eating while following any fitness program. They need to eat foods that give fuel to the body and energy that required doing exercises. Many women think that while hitting the gym, they can eat what they want, but No, there is a BIG NO for that because it is better to choose a diet that can be followed a long way to achieve your goal.
  • Take supplements –
    Nutritional supplements help everyone those are active and busy at the same time. They fulfilled the nutrition gap which is required by the body. Protein supplements like BCAA, pre-workout supplements help to gain muscles.

Apart from this proper sleep, hydrating, and resting, multiplies the effect of your workout.

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