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Top 7 food combos that speed up weight loss


In today’s running life we want everything quicker and simpler like uber cabs, home deliveries, or your favorite movies and web series like Money Heist. Right? And that also applies to weight reduction, so consume good food combinations that triple your weight loss efforts, burn fat, and make you feel full.
So, have a look at our delightful combinations for some incredibly nutritious ideas to increase your health and help in weight loss.

  1. GREEN TEA + GINGER + LEMON: Tea is a magical beverage that helps you lose weight and burn belly fat because it is particularly high in antioxidants like ECGC (Epigallocatechin Gallate) which burns fat by assisting the liver to convert fat into energy after releasing fat from fat cells. According to various studies, adding lemon in green tea helps people feel fuller and lose weight because it contains pectin and polyphenols. Ginger is also one of the ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties. By adding ginger, it will help you to reduce the feeling of hunger which helps in weight loss.
  2. OATS + CINNAMON + WALNUTS: You can lose weight by consuming whole grains which are high in fiber like oatmeal which is a good option to start your day. According to various researches, eating a high amount of insoluble fiber will help you to suppress your hunger and make you feel satisfied for a longer time. Sprinkle cinnamon on oats to help you control insulin levels and shred away your pounds. Walnuts are a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids so adding it can reduce fat storage and improve insulin metabolism.
  3. SPINACH + APPLE + GINGER: Various individuals drink smoothies for weight loss but taking smoothies for weight loss is not always helpful as the ingredients in it are not equal in nutrition. So, adding green leafy spinach helps you to lose weight because it makes you feel full. Additionally, it is high in healthy vitamins like vitamin k and vitamin A. Adding apples in smoothies helps you lose visceral fat and gives you high fiber. Adding ginger helps you to lose fat as it is rich in phytonutrients.
  4. QUINOA + BROCCOLI + AVOCADO OIL: Vegetable like broccoli contains lots of fiber that keeps you full and helps in weight loss. Additionally, it is having a thermogenic effect that means it burns more calories indigestion. It also contains health-boosting vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that enhance fat loss in the body. Saute broccoli in healthy fats like avocado oil makes it a satisfying meal. Also, add quinoa to make it more appealing because it boosts the process of fat loss, and also it is a complete protein and contains amino acid -betaine that improves your metabolism and removes fat.
  5. GREEK YOGURTS + RASPBERRIES + ALMONDS: Greek yogurt is always good to include as it is packed with protein that builds fat-burning muscles. Moreover, it contains Vitamin D and calcium which turn off the fat-producing stress hormone – cortisol. Make it more exciting by adding antioxidant-rich raspberries which contain polyphenols that stop the formation of fat cells. For crunch, add some almonds that help in the reduction of leg and belly fat.
  6. EGGS + BLACK BEANS + PEPPER: Yes, an egg is not only for building muscles but also shreds fat due to the compound arginine. It is nutritionally rich and beneficial for weight loss. Adding black beans helps you feel full for a longer time period because it contains high soluble fiber. Also, it lowers your bad cholesterol (LDL) that helps you slim down. Topping it with some black pepper as it has piperine which gives taste and stops adipogenesis i.e. the formation of new fat cells.
  7. COTTAGE CHEESE + STRAWBERRIES + ALMONDS: You can replace casein protein with cottage cheese because it is also a slow-digesting protein that leaves you feeling full longer and can help you to get a better sleep due to the amino acid -tryptophan. You can also pair it with some strawberries and almonds for adding extra protein and healthy nuts.

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