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Top 5 Reasons you are unable to build muscle


Building muscles is a time taking and difficult process; it is not a toy at all. Various recommendations are there which say to take care of food or take supplements, but unfortunately, this will help with various other factors that are also responsible for muscle building, and also several other factors can hamper this process of muscle building as well.

Here are 5 reasons that can slow your muscle-building process:

  1. You are not eating enough:

One of the main causes of not building muscles is not eating enough or not eating the right food. Most of us think of proteins only but carbs and fats are equally important in building muscles. Also if you are eating a good amount of nutrients and doing a decent workout, you’ll grow automatically but if you are not eating the right food, the chances of growing lean muscles decreases.

  1. You are not given time to recover your muscles or do enough rest

This is also one of the reasons you’re not gaining muscle as you love exercising and spending most of your time lifting weights in the gym but if you want to build a physique then give some rest time to your muscles. Taking a day off helps to recover your muscles by recharging the body effectively. Also, do not focus on the same group of muscles daily as it is good for your muscles.

  1. You are doing enough cardio

Many individuals dreamed to cut off their fats along with building muscles that involve a lot of cardio workouts but when the burning of fat happens, it slows down the development of muscle mass as well. This is the reason (High-Intensity Interval Training) HIIT cardio sessions are best to include in workouts if anyone looking for cuts with gains. As short and intense workouts help to maintain and grow muscle growth.

  1. You are not consistent

Lacking consistency is also a main critical reason for building muscles. Therefore, it is needed to follow a daily routine in which you will focus on every muscle group at least once a week, and similar to that consistency in diet and rest patterns is needed to develop a dream body. Moreover, regular day-offs and binge eating will set you back on your journey.

  1. You are using the wrong techniques

Many individuals think they are doing perfectly but they have to focus on their mistakes as well like lifting lighter and heavier weights that do not help them in building muscles. So always set your targets to achieve and when you easily achieve that, increase it 5% to push or give yourself a true challenge.

These are not all, as various other factors like lack of sleep also affect muscle growth as muscle rebuilds itself during the sleep cycle. So, building lean muscles needs consistency, dedication towards your goal, optimizing your diet and workouts, and putting in the efforts. Hopefully, by this article, you get a clear idea of where you are going wrong while building muscles so good luck in reaching your goals.

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