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Top 5 Reasons Why Water Is A Key for Weight Loss

drinking water

Water is good for the body in more ways than merely quenching thirst; it may even aid weight loss. Many researchers support that hydration plays a role in weight loss by altering many factors like digestion, muscle function, etc. Also, various studies show a positive correlation between increased water consumption and weight loss, and in this article, we are giving the reasons that why being hydrated helps a person to lose weight.

Below are the 5 main reasons that water may help while losing weight.

  1. Natural appetite suppressant: Water can help to fill the space in the stomach which leads to a feeling of fullness and reduces hunger. Also, drinking a glass of water before reaching for a snack can help you avoid overindulging in unhealthy munching. Various studies also show a reduction in body fat and body mass index through appetite suppression with regular water consumption.
  2. Enhance Metabolism: Drinking water stimulates metabolism and energy expenditure that helps in managing weight. When water is cold, the drinking water appears to enhance thermogenesis or the generation of heat in the body. Some researchers also indicate that drinking water can help to burn calories. So, it is always important to stay hydrated, even if the outcome is not very much in your favor.
  3. Remove toxins: When a body is not hydrated, it can’t be able to remove wastes from the body as water helps the kidneys to filter toxins and when the body is dehydrated, the kidneys retain fluid. Water also increases bowel movement by softening the hardened stools. Moreover, it supports the recovery of the body’s digestive problems like diarrhea and indigestion. Staying hydrated is a good way to avoid the accumulated waste that may add a few extra pounds.
  4. Improves workout: Any weight loss regimen contains exercises and water helps to move muscles, connective tissues, and joints correctly. It also helps organs to work effectively during the workout as being hydrated reduces the risk of fatigue or muscle cramps, that mostly seen during doing exercises. So always avoid dehydration especially when you are doing exercises in very humid, hot, or sunny conditions. Being well hydrated allows you to work out longer and burn more calories. That’s why it’s important to hydrate before, during, and after your workout, not just when you’re thirsty.
  5. Burn Fat: When the body is dehydrated, it can’t be able to metabolize stored fat and carbohydrates properly. In the process of lipolysis i.e. the process of metabolizing fat, water is needed. Also, water is essential to burn fat from food or drinks as it is made of higher calories such as juice, soda, sweetened beverages, etc. Therefore, water can help to reduce overall liquid calorie intake. Moreover, various studies show that water intake leads to increase lipolysis and fat loss.

Ever remember that your body is made up of water, so weight loss is not the only thing that is affected by proper hydration because it gives many more benefits like keeping your skin bright, boosts brainpower, etc. So, water helps in overall well-being.

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