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Naturyz Surge 4X Pre-Workout Formula Mix Fruit Fusion

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  • Naturyz Surge 4X is made up of 15 top-quality ingredients with fully loaded with 4X matrix Pre-workout formula.
  • It is Pre-workout formula works with 4 Matrix- Power & Performance Matrix, Advance Pump Matrix, Explosive Energy & Focus Matrix & Vitamin Blends.
  • It is available in refreshing mouthwatering flavour of Mix Fruit Fusion.
  • Surge 4X helps to trigger incredible muscle pump, Increase muscle power & strength, maximize energy & focus and minimize muscle fatigue.
  • It is manufactured in GMP, ISO & HACCP Certified facility which ensures the quality & safety of the product.
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What is Naturyz Surge 4X and why it’s required?

Naturyz Surge 4x Pre-workout Supplement is a completely stacked 4x Matrix formula jam-packed with 15 Top Quality ingredients in a refreshing flavour for bodybuilders, wellness devotees, athletes to convey your muscles phenomenal power, pump and Energy when working out. Each Serving of Surge 4X delivers power.

Naturyz Surge 4x advanced Pre-workout Supplement is required to Trigger incredible Muscle pump, Increases Muscle Force and Strength which boosts Energy and Focus and limits muscle exhaustion.

What are the ingredients inside Naturyz Surge 4X and their benefits?

Naturyz Surge 4x Pre-workout Supplement is a combination of Power and Performance: 3.2G BETA-ALANINE to build Perseverance for a powerful exercise to break your records. 650mg BETAINE to improve power & physical performance. Maximum Pump: 2G L-CITRULLINE for amazing Muscle pump and recovery. 1G L-ARGININE for Expanded bloodstream to the muscles for fiercer workouts. EXPLOSIVE ENERGY and FOCUS: 300mg CAFFEINE to boost alertness, drive and improves the quality of training. 250mg L-CARNITINE to enable the body to create energy to increase athletic performance. Nutrient Mix: Nutrient B (B3, B6, Folic Acid, B12) for muscle development and expansion in muscle mass. 1G TAURINE works as a muscle fuel to improve physical performance and reduce weakness.

How you can take Naturyz Surge 4X Pre-Workout?

Initially for 2-3 days, begin with 1/2 a scoop of Surge 4x Pre-Workout Formula blended with 250-300ml of cold water. Depending on tolerance, Mix 1 Scoop (12g) of Surge 4x with 300-350ml of cold water and consume within 30 minutes earlier than a workout. Consume a minimal of 1 Litre of water in the course of exercise for optimal fitness and higher results.

naturyz surge 4X

Why choose Naturyz Surge 4X Pre-Workout?

Initially for 2-3 days, begin with 1/2 a scoop of Surge 4x Pre-Workout Formula blended with 250-300ml of cold water. Depending on tolerance, Mix 1 Scoop (12g) of Surge 4x with 300-350ml of cold water and consume within 30 minutes earlier than a workout. Consume a minimal of 1 Litre of water in the course of exercise for optimal fitness and higher results.

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33 Reviews For This Product

  1. 33

    by Vikas

    I have been using Pre workout since years. I was a bit doubtful to take this product, because as I have been using international products like C4 extreme, Nitrflex, NO-Xplod etc. I was afraid this preworkout will be able to match me because my body got used to the stimulants. But my sixth sense was prompting me to take. So I thought of giving it a chance, at the most I will lose some money but I will be able to know how this product is. I purchased and got the product. Now it has been more than 2 weeks, I was surprised to see the energy it gives throughout the 2 hrs workout, I immense pump I am getting in every workout. I am very very happy with this product and will continue to buy All my products. For now I am taking
    1. Surge Preworkout
    2. Multivitamins
    3. Fish Oil
    4. L-Carnitine
    5. BCCA

    All are giving me what I wanted. Thanks Naturyz for giving this product.

  2. 33

    by abhishek s.

    I have been lifting from almost 10yrs, I have tried every preworkout in market be it curse, hyde, 1 mr, stacker, assault, phychotic and many others, Initially I didn’t have any hope from this product..went through the previews and bought it
    Now my turn to rate1.pump amazing
    2.Power amazing,3. no crash continues workout for amazing 2 hours being a Saturday it’s heavy workout..and I took 1 whole scoop. Which worked for me usually I take two scoops, heavy lifters go for it. Rest it’s all about your own choice.

  3. 33

    by Akshay

    I take this 30 mins prior to workout, not just it activates every cell and muscle of my body but also gives stamina and strength to workout even more and more. Currently i am doing 1.5 hours of cardio training along with 1 hour of weight and strength building

  4. 33

    by vinish

    I’ve been using it for almost 10 days now . For me it’s just average . It does help improve performance a bit buy nothing more . The fact I really don’t like is that it takes my body 30 to 45 minutes to start getting the effect and by then I would’ve already done halfway or my workout .

  5. 33

    by Gaurav Singh

    Here’s a review that’ll make it easiest for you to understand –
    Pros – It works great and how fast it effects you depends on your metabolism at the time of intake, viz, if your stomach is empty it’ll work the fastest and vice versa. Tingly sensation and rapid upper body blood circulation and core heats up. It’s best for winter morning workouts.
    Cons – like me if you are used to strong stimulating beverages like orthodox tea and black coffee, then this will effect you only the first time you have 6 gms (half dose) and 12 gms (full dose), after the first times your body will grow resistance to it. You’ll still feel tingly in your skin but your blood won’t rush like the first time. If you’re not an avid strong coffee/tea drinker then this will work better and for a longer time. Also mind you that you’ll only feel the effect of the caffeine/green tea extract in this supplement. Rest of the ingredients aren’t of the quantity that can make much difference.
    Taste and mixability are fantastic. It’s like drinking a tropical juice.

  6. 33

    by Praveen

    Just now had this pre-workout. I can feel the tingling sensation all over by body within 5 mins. The taste feels good. Though it has froth when mixing it with water. The froth tastes sour and it’s awful. The smell is like boomer chewing gum. Overall it’s worth for the price.

    Editted review 12-02-2019
    The pump was surprisingly good. It gives excellent energy for a heavy workout. If u take this pre workout during early morning session or afternoon session it’s fine. If you take this during night time u will not be able to sleep soon. Then, sometimes it causes stomach issues! However, Overall it’s value for money

  7. 33

    by Aman Singh

    I have been taking it from last one month for my morning session & usually take it 35mim before workout & I’m doing 1 hour cardio training with 25 min running.

    1. It boost your body for workout.
    2. It has balanced & right set of ingredients & also have maintained amount of sugar level.
    3. It helps to maintain metabolism and a healthy blood sugar level.
    4. It helps improving your workout stamina.

    1. Bad Taste
    2. Don’t have any flavour options

  8. 33

    by Addy

    I did not have any expectations when I ordered this product as I’ve tried some of the best pre workouts over the years including Assault, Neurocore, 1MR, Supercharge, Amino Energy, NO Explode etc.
    However, this product exceeded my expectations and is as effective as any of the reputed brands. I love pre workout which give you the tingling sensation(Niacin Rush) because of the Beta Alanine working in your body . The taste was nothing special, a bit pharmaceutical infact, but that hardly matters as the product is super effective and works within minutes of taking it. This looks like a legit company and the best part is since it is made in India the price is extremely affordable. Will take it before every workout and give a break once my body becomes too adapted to it and stops responding.

  9. 33


    Using Naturyz Surge 4x Advance pre-workout, must say that it works wonder and i am completely satisfied. there are many preworkout available in market specially imported and expensive one. but Naturyz with in a such price, getting all the important ingredients required for a pre workout. (Does contains creatine as well)
    1. Affordable Price.
    2. Very Effective,.
    3. Gives the rush feeling and energy for and during workout
    4. Improve focus.
    5. you wont feel tired during intense workout. works upto 3hrs (as i once tried working out full body workout that lasted 7 to 9.30 am and i was still feeling energized.
    6. Mixes well. Good and Tangy Taste too.
    7. Take it prior half an hour prior to your workout,. and you will feel a tingling sensation,. (i take this a hint that pre workout is ready for action..hahaha)
    Thanks to Naturyz and Amazon For Introducing this Product. Thanks

  10. 33

    by Faisal Khan

    I am a fitness consultant and I have never used pre-workout before using this (earlier my pre-workout used to be black coffee only which I always hated but that’s Awaken up your whole body). Though I never got that tingling effect/sensation everyone talks about pre-workout but Surge definitely has some good effect on my workout. I don’t feel lethargic or low on energy, this could be due to caffeine in it or any other ingredients but this works for me and better in taste than black coffee… my 5 stars to it.

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