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Naturyz MEN’S SPORT : Advanced Men’s Daily Multivitamin and Nutrient Blend

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  • The Advanced Immunity Booster: These multivitamin tablets are potent blend of 55 vital vitamins and minerals along with immunity-boosting herbal extracts, superfoods, aminos & antioxidants that work towards enhancing your immunity levels
  • Multivitamins Especially for men: These multivitamin tablets are especially formulated for the special needs of all men to take care of their overall health. Wide range of nutrients makes this multivitamin supplement one of the best among all the multivitamin supplements for men
  • 13 Performance blends: These multivitamin men tablets come with 13 Performance blends. These blends support the overall health, immunity and performance of Men, making it an ideal multivitamin supplement for Bodybuilding, Active men, Old age& athletes
  • Quality product: Naturyz Mens Sport Multivitamin for men are manufactured in GMP, ISO & HACCP certified facility. It is tested for its nutritional value, quality, purity and safety
  • Just 1 tablet in a day: Take just one Naturyz Mens Sport Multivitamin tablet per day to promote muscular growth, a healthy metabolism, bone health, and eye health, as well as improve sports performance.
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A healthy body starts from Healthy inside

Our daily food composed of Macro and micro nutrients; all these nutrients are responsible for multiple functions in our daily life. These nutrients regulate our mental and physical functions. So, every time whenever we eat, we are actually feeding something which makes us Healthy or something which makes us closer to health issues. So, we have to eat healthy because good nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle. To fulfil your daily requirement of nutrients, Naturyz introduces Men’s Sport, a specialized daily multivitamin for active men. It is specially formulated according to the daily needs of active men.

Symptoms that shows that our body is deficient of nutrients

People think that we can fulfil our daily requirement of nutrients from food, but the fact is we can’t. In spite of eating different foods and vegetables, our body still lacks nutrients. There are many signs that shows that your body is lacking in essential nutrients required. If your body functioning is hampering or you’re facing any one of these signs then you must have to fulfil your body’s nutritional need.

  • Tiredness and exhaustion
  • Fatigue
  • Headache and stress
  • Weak muscles & weak bones
  • Hair and skin problems
  • Poor eyesight

According to men’s nutritional need, what should a men’s multivitamin contain?

There are many multivitamins for men present in the market of India, which are generally contained only vitamins and minerals. Apart from commonly used well known vitamins and minerals, a multivitamin should support your overall health.

  • Boost immunity
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Bone & joint health
  • Brain & eye care
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance vitality

Naturyz Men’s Sport: The Specialized Daily Multivitamin for Men

Naturyz Men’s Sport is an advance & best daily multivitamin tablets for men, contains 55 vital nutrients consisting of Vitamins and Minerals, Aminos, Brain & Eye Blend, Antioxidant & Vitality Blend, Metabolism & Phyto Blend, Joint Care Blend, Weight Management Blend & Muscle Building Blend, Phyto nutrients, digestive enzymes. These special tablets are formulated for the daily need of men with active lifestyle. It provides complete profile of nutrients to working professionals, active men, fitness enthusiast, athletes, weight training professionals and Health conscious youth.

mutivitamin for active & sports men

Special Features:

Naturyz Men’s Sport, Advance daily multivitamin is specially designed for the taking care of Men’s nutritional need and overall health. 1 tablet of Men’s Sport Contains 55 vital nutrients consisting of,

  • 13 essential vitamins
  • 11 minerals
  • 8 Aminos
  • Brain & Eye blend
  • Joint care blend
  • Phyto blend
  • Antioxidant & vitality blend
  • Muscle building & energy blend
  • Metabolism & weight management blend

Take care of yourself with Naturyz Men’s Sport, the specialized daily multivitamin for me.


Specifically formulated to fulfil the special needs of men


Maximum 55 nutrients consisting of essential vitamins and minerals

13 performance blends for multiple Health benefits

All in one supplement for daily usage

High Quality Product with GMP, HACCP & ISO 22000 certifications

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35 Reviews For This Product

  1. 35

    by Sujeet Kumar

    Nice product…
    I’ve consumed multivitamims for the firat time but this is great at its price range…
    Easy to sollow
    It has little bit medicated flavour.
    If You want to fulfill your daily need of vitamin and minerals just go for this proudct

  2. 35

    by Ashish Nagargoje

    – Vitamin & mineral replenishment
    – Muscle building
    – Antioxidant levels
    – Testosterone levels
    – Metabolism
    – Bone health
    – Sports performance
    – Eye health
    Indirectly work for all the important parts of body with advanced men’s daily multivitamin and nutrient blend.

    👉 55 Vital Nutrients
    👉 13 Performance Blends

    Their other amazing products are

    – BCAA energy blast
    – Light digest raw whey 82 protein
    – Triple strength omega-3 fish oil
    – Re-toxx
    – Women’s sport & fitness
    – Surge 4X pre-workout

  3. 35

    by Rakhi

    I am a regular gym going person so I decided to purchase these multivitamin tablets which not only contain Vitamins & Minerals but also Ammino acids which are so vital for ensuring energy for a sustained workout. It definitely felt more energetic while at the gym to me it does not experience any fatigue during the day which is full of activity . This pack contains 60 tablets which should last for about 2 months, which makes it cost effective.

  4. 35

    by Care for all- Health & Fitness

    it has 55 vital nutrients which helps you to gain energy and keep your body fir.
    this doesn’t have any side effects.
    Really a best and worth purchase product.
    Fully result oriented product.
    Recommended to others…

  5. 35


    This is an amazing product. These tablets are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, ginseng and all the vital essential things for our health. 1 to 2 tablets each day can make a difference in your health. Product results good. Best result oriented product.

  6. 35

    by Sahir

    I received this product delivered to me superfast! Thanks Amazon.
    These category products need to be packed and sealed very carefully and it was packed with utmost care and sealed under the cap.
    I love how they have described various nutrients and their composition with precise advantages and enhancement areas for health and performance. Already started taking these and I’m looking forward to seeing improvement ASAP!!
    Will be updating here about the results pretty soon!

  7. 35

    by Avikalp

    This is a really good product i use last Six month I’m very satisfied if your day go hard definitely go for this multivitamin I’m sure this product change your energy level

  8. 35

    by gaurav kumar

    Being on calory deficit diet we ,most of the time we do not get all the essential vitamins and minerals of our need from the diet alone and this is why Multivitamin supplements come in role.
    After watching few videos and reading some blogs for best multivitamin available in the market I get to know about “Naturyz sports multivitamin” and I purchased it for a number of reasons,namely;
    – contatins all the vitamins ranging from vitamin A to vitamin B12 in approximately 80%-100% of our body daily requirements (except vitamin E)
    – contains CA and Mg which is not available in most of the Multivitamin supplements available in the market however here also not in sufficient quantity (20% of RDA)
    – DOPE FREE ,bcz of its Dope free nature I can use it while going for some medical test also
    – contains K(pottasiun) ,it is important because it helps in suppresing our apetite(craving) for sugar,however here also not in sufficient quantity BUT pottasiun (K) is mostly absent most of the MB available in the market
    – economical,I got it for Rs 700 (60capsules) which I think is a very good deal
    -testosterone booster- very good for gym goers and otherwise also
    – presence of L-carnatine, it helps in breaking stored fat

    I am using it daily after lunch (intake of fat is must before consuming Multivitamin as many vitamins are soluble only in fat ) and I’m not seeing any type of negative side effects till now.

    And of course the capsule size is large but all other MB available in market are similarly large.

    Bottle capping is not good ,it doesn’t get airtight completely or maybe it is intended I don’t know but due to fear of getting it air exposed I have shifted it in another box.

  9. 35

    by Ruby

    Its really helpful for your body. Its has no harmful chemicals, do, Its totally helpful to use. Its contains 55 important Vital Nutrients & 13 Performance Blends. Its can help you go gain energy, keep your body fit. Overall a good Product and worth buying!

  10. 35

    by Asgar

    This is an amazing product. These tablets are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, ginseng and all the vital essential things for our health. 1 to 2 tablets each day can make a difference in your health. Product results good. Best result oriented product.

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