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Light Digest RAW WHEY 82 Protein with Digezyme 1Kg

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Why we need Protein?

Protein is the building block of muscles. Either you are looking for gaining weight or want to lose weight. Ultimate goal is to preserve lean muscles and achieve good physique. Protein is a micro nutrient that helps to gain muscles, repair muscles and support body in growth & development. That’s why any fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilder & sports person focuses on their daily protein intake. Protein supports our body as it –

  • Helps in building muscle
  • Support fat utilization
  • Support in maintaining ideal weight
  • Makes hair, skin and nails healthier
  • Improve Immune Health
  • Helps in Bone Metabolism

Most of us are not able to meet the required dosage of protein for body. That gradually leads to deficiency of protein in the body and it can be seen through very common signs like- Loss of muscles, hair thinning, loosing skin elasticity, brittle hair, stunted growth etc.

How much protein is required on daily basis?

Protein that we consume, first broken down to amino acids and these amino acids are utilized by our body. Protein requirement of body depends on activity level and fitness goal. Let’s know about it with help of these categories-

  • Beginners in Bodybuilding – who perform workout in gym only 3-4 times in a week. They need 1.5g/kg body weight protein.
  • Advanced/ Intermediate- who are highly active and perform workout 5-6 times in a week. They need 2g/kg body weight protein every day.
How much protein is required on daily basis

Absorption of Protein in Body

Protein absorption depends on our muscle maturity, activity level and on workout experience.

  • Initially body can absorb protein upto 25g. But protein absorption of body gradually increases when your muscle is matured and you get experienced.
  • Advanced and Professional bodybuilder, have good physique and their muscles get matured over time. Their body can absorb upto 50g of protein per serving.
  • If advance and professional consume 50g protein at once; then their body can utilizes it for body.

Why choose Naturyz Light Digest Raw Whey Protein?

Naturyz Light Digest Raw Whey Protein is the specified protein made for advance level and professional bodybuilders keeping in mind their needs like high protein requirement, low carbs and low fat, no bloating problem and pocket friendly. Naturyz Light Digest Raw Whey Protein is the easily digestible raw whey 82 protein.

Naturyz Light Digest Raw Whey Protein

How to use Naturyz Light Digest Raw Whey Protein?

Add 1 and half scoop of Light Digest Raw Whey Protein to 250-300ml of water. To make it taste better you can add it to your banana, strawberry or chickoo shake.

Naturyz Light Digest Raw Whey Protein

When to use Naturyz Light Digest Raw Whey Protein?

use Naturyz Light Digest Raw Whey Protein

Early Morning

To prevent muscle breakdown caused by fasting of 6-8 hours during Sleep at night.

Post Workout

After workout muscle starts starving and need more protein as compare to other time of the day.

In Between meals

To keep body in an anabolic state and positive nitrogen balance throughout the day.

At Bedtime

To prevents muscle from going into a catabolic state and prevent muscle breakdown.

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  1. 02

    by Jayant Solanki

    First time I found Good and effective Raw whey protein which better than other brands raw whey… Best part is it has not so much bad taste and it has also digestive enzymes in it so no digestion issues yet. Just buy it💪🏻

  2. 02

    by Sonu Hooda

    No word to Explain
    Result shown on Image
    Zero to Now progress shown on this image in 5 Month
    6 kg Naturyz Raw whey protein .
    One scoop daily consume in 5 months.

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