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Naturyz Calcium Plus for Bone Health

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  • Naturyz Calcium Plus is a powerful combination of Calcium and Magnesium, Vitamin D & Zinc which together helps to enhance the absorption of calcium into bones and make bone health better.
  • It contains 500mg of elemental calcium, which is the safe dosage and gets absorbed into the bones quickly and effectively.
  • Calcium Plus helps to improve the joint structure and joint mobility and adds flexibility to joints.
  • Our Naturyz Calcium Plus is a 100% safe product. It is absolutely vegetarian and suitable for both men & women.
  • Calcium Plus tablets are manufactured under GMP, ISO & HACCP certified facility where the standard & safety of the product is ensured.
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Why Calcium is essential?

Calcium is an important mineral that is required to build and maintain bone health. Calcium is known for its primary structural component of the skeleton. Alongside calcium nutrients like Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc helps the body to absorb Calcium. Although we get Calcium from our diet. Foods like Milk, Cheese and other dairy products are rich in Calcium. But many of us find it difficult to get calcium enough in an amount from a diet alone.

Why our body needs Calcium?

bone health

Support Bone Health

dental health

Promote Dental Health

joint health

Promote Joint Health

balances blood pressure

Balances Blood Pressure

Support Heart Health

promotes weight management

Promotes Weight Management

Who should take Calcium?

When we stop growing calcium helps to maintain the bones and slow down the loss of bone density which is part of ageing. That’s why Calcium is required by both men and women. A lack of calcium in the body can lead to health issues like Osteoporosis, brittle bones, dental changes, cataract and alteration in the brain which leads to confusion or memory loss. For some reason, women are more prone to problems of Osteoporosis as compare to men. That’s why women have greater requirements for calcium at different life stages. At age ’30s: It is the prime time when women are expected to start losing muscle mass slowly. Calcium support maintaining muscle mass. At age ’40s: At this stage, women need to maintain their optimal health and need to delays the ageing effect. Calcium helps limit the ageing effect. At age ’50s: Women face menopause that causes rapid loss in bone density. Calcium helps to keep bones healthy by fulfilling calcium needs. At age ’60s & Beyond: By the time women reach sixty, the body becomes less efficient to convert sunlight into Vitamin D. At that time as well you require essential bone health vitamins and minerals.

What is so unique about Calcium Plus?

Calcium Plus comes with Added nutrients like Magnesium, Vitamin D and Zinc. All these together help our body to absorb Calcium effectively, leading to better bone health. They are also known to improve bone density, increase bone strength and reduce bone inflammation. Apart from this Magnesium helps to boost energy, build endurance, speed up recovery and support nerve functioning. Zinc assists the body to grow and develop properly. Vitamin D also helps in the calcium absorption in the body and promotes bone growth.

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35 Reviews For This Product

  1. 35

    by Himanshu gohar

    It is amazing product. And very helpful for body

    Naturyz calcium tablets. which provides the daily
    requirements of elemental calcium has been
    forfitified with vit amin 03. magnesium and zinc to
    maximize calcium absorption in the body.
    Their calcium is free from”
    Common allergens such as soy and caffeine.
    GMOs and glueten.
    Colouring. flavouring and Preservatives.
    Dosent contain. unnecessary additives.
    Product Highlights
    Supports to maintain heal thy bones and teeth
    Supports to improve joint mobility
    Helps in the normal functioning of Nerves. cells
    muscles and bones
    Helps to support skelatal health and well being
    per serving contains 2 tablets. please consult
    physican and directions

  2. 35

    by Care queen

    Regular white tablets
    Depends on your budget
    I have just started taking these, will update after a month with observations.

  3. 35

    by PRASAD N.

    This is excellent product for all age groups and also people going to gym. Started seeing results from 2nd week itself. Bone strength increases with good absorption of calcium, vitamins and other minerals. No issue of acidity problems associated with it, moreover this product is highly cost effective.

  4. 35

    by Gaurav singh

    I use a whole lot of supplements…this alone or with other joint supplements brought about no noticable effect. Profile wise it is pretty decent…good value too…the thing is Indian brands…you can never be too sure..

  5. 35

    by Adnan

    Naturyz calcium plus tablet is very good. Its a calcium with vitamin d3 so it is dissolved in my body without any requirement of sunlight. Amazing product and a good quality at a reasonable price.

  6. 35

    by Pranjal Pratap Singh

    Great deal .. I got two bottles in just 269 RS . It seems to be a great product because it also have magnesium and zinc as well which is not present in other calcium tablets but ingredient list is not mentioned on the label which should be there

  7. 35

    by Sarah

    It’s amazing solution for those suffering from severe leg cramps during night or day… It helped alot and now I’m able to sleep peacefully during the entire night without any disturbances with pain….the effects are observed within a week of its use… I have recommended it to my father who also suffers from restless leg syndrome…no going to order for the next batch once I finish the bottle…

  8. 35

    by apurva mehrotra

    I met with a small accident due to which suffered an Avulsion fracture in my left ankle , tried this calcium supplement during the recovery phase and was amazed by its results , I’m not exaggerating but even the doctor was amazed by my recovery , he tried to give various reasons like I’m young , atheletic etc but deep down I know it was mostly due to the rest that I took and this supplement which greatly helped me during my recovery phase

  9. 35

    by Anil Kashyap

    I’m writing this review after a week. The tablets do their work properly.
    I can’t walk properly and have pain in my almost every joint so I decided to consume it. After consuming it for a week the pain gone but as I told you above I can’t walk properly and I have less access to mobility, so my joint got stiff and firm.
    So please I recommend you to please consult your physician before consuming it.
    Thank you.

  10. 35

    by aravind

    This tablets have 500mg of calcium.

    Other few products have 1200mg in an single tablet.

    The optimal calcium needed in an day is 800-1200mg for an human body anything more than that have an seriouss effect on the body. Will do more harm than good.

    Since it has 500mg we can get easily 500mg from other sources of food.

    Taking full calcium for a day from tablets is not wise option.

    Tablets should be an supplement to fill the gap. Think in such way and go ahead

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