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Balance your immunity with daily nutrition

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  • Naturyz Men’s Sport multivitamin provides 55 VITAL NUTRIENTS & 13 PERFORMANCE BLENDS to meet special needs of men in single tablet.
  • It delivers 13 vitamins, 11 Minerals, 8 Aminos, Brain & Eye Blend, Antioxidant & Vitality Blend, Metabolism Blend, Joint Care Blend & Muscle Building Blend.
  • Naturyz Women’s Sport is the specialized daily multivitamin for women with 55 vital nutrients and 12 performance blends to meet their body’s special need.
  • Women’s Sport contains essential 13 vitamins, 9 minerals, 10 aminos, 6 antioxidants, 6 metabolism blend, 3 brain and eye blend, 2 joint care blend and 2 weight management blends all together in single tablet.
  • Naturyz Omega 3 fish oil provides 1000 mg Omega 3 (600 EPA + 400 DHA) in just one softgel. It meets our daily body’s requirement.
  • Omega 3 is known to reduce inflammation in body as a result boost Heart, Immune, Eye and Skin health.
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Symptoms, that shows that our body is deficient of nutrients.

People think that we can fulfil our daily requirement of nutrients from food, but the fact is we can’t. In spite of eating different foods and vegetables, our body still lacks nutrients. There are many signs that shows that your body is lacking in essential nutrients required. If your body functioning is hampering or you’re facing any one of these signs then you must have to fulfil your body’s nutritional need.

  1. Tiredness and exhaustion
  2. Fatigue
  3. Headache and stress
  4. Weak muscles & weak bones
  5. Hair and skin problems
  6. Poor eyesight

What do you get

  1. Calories. Women naturally have less muscle, more body fat, and are usually smaller. That’s why women need fewer calories as compare to men.
  2. Vitamins and minerals. Calcium, iron, and folic acid are particularly important for women health.
  3. Nutrition related Health problems. Women are more likely to have some health problems related to nutrition, such as celiac disease and lactose intolerance, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as iron-deficiency anemia.
  4. Metabolism. Women process some substances differently and burn fewer calories at rest and during exercise than men do. Metabolism process of women is slightly different from men.

Why Omega 3 is required? How much is it required for daily use?

Omega 3 levels in the body is very critical as EPA and DHA are responsible for performing various functions in the body. Omega 3 reduce inflammation in the body and thus improves eye vision, hydrates skin, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, improves joint health and strengthen Immune system.

Studies have shown that daily intake of 1-2g of Omega 3 fatty acid is required for proper functioning of the body. Lack of Omega 3 can result in several health conditions like poor hair and skin quality, heart issues, fatigue, joint pain, allergy etc.

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