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Hygiene products are very essential in the fight against germs, bacteria and viruses. These are widely used for household purposes and in professional and institutional environments such as hospitals & homes. It goes without saying that good hygiene is key to fight against bacteria & viruses. Naturyz provides a wide range of Hygiene Products like Instant hand cleanser, Surface Disinfectants, Reusable & Washable face masks, Veggie fruit & baby toys etc to take care of your hygiene with our quality products.

  • Naturyz Kids N95 Face Mask

    • 6 LAYER PROTECTION: Naturyz Multicolored Kids Face N95 Mask is reusable and washable for both boys and girls, and it has a multi-layered filtration system for better filtration. It can also be used multiple times
    • EASY BREATHING & ADJUSTABLE EAR LOOP: The Kids Face N95 Mask’s unique design is suitable for any face, providing more ventilation space and comfort. The adjustable ear loops provide comfort and protection by preventing air from entering the mask from any side
    • 95 percent + FILTRATION EFFICIENCY: The Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask provides 95 percent + BFE with a 6 layer filter that includes Melt Blown filters for Bacterial & Small particle filtration and an activated carbon filter to protect from smog & hazardous gases
    • ADJUSTABLE NOSE CLIP: The Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask has an adjustable nose clip to keep the mask in place and prevent it from sliding down to the face. It assists children who wear glasses in keeping their lenses from fogging up
    • NIOSH and ISO Certified Mask: The Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask is both NIOSH and ISO certified. The Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask is Washable, lighter, waterproof and delivers greater filtration

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