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Herbal and natural extracts have been used from ancient times for their medicinal properties. Most common herbs that have been used are Aloe vera, ginseng, apple cider vinegar, greens and Ginko Biloba etc. They were known to have strong effect on the body. That’s why most of the healers and practitioners of ancient times used these herbs to make formulations for healing purpose. Traditionally these types of herbs were used to prevent many infections, strengthen the immune system, aids digestion, build focus and much more. Naturyz comes up with wide range of herbal and natural extracts like – Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy, Triple Ginseng, Super Green 4G and Vitamin D3 jelly.

  • Naturyz 100% Plant Vitamin D3 K2

    • FAST ACTING EFFERVESCENT TECHNOLOGY: Naturyz Plant D3K2 Effervescent tablets have faster absorption rates and get dissolved faster as compared to other forms such as tablets, powders, liquids, etc. These Effervescent tablets dissolve completely and homogeneously providing the complete benefits of the active ingredients
    • HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE FORM: This 100% All Natural Plant based Vegan D3+K2 is highly bio-available and ensures the active ingredients get absorbed into the blood stream completely
    • 100 % PLANT BASED D3+K2: Made with High Potency 100% plant based form of Vitamin D3 extracted from Wild Harvested Lichen, Naturyz D3K2 gives you the same natural, biologically active form of Vitamin D that your body produces naturally from sunlight, without the risky UVB exposure. The Natural Vitamin K2 (MK7) derived from fermented Chickpeas is the most bioactive form of Vitamin K
    • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION TOGETHER: Vitamin D and Vitamin K work synergistically to play a central role in our bodies. D3 helps better absorption of Calcium and K2 directs the Calcium from the bloodstream to the bones. Our Vitamin D3 sourced from LICHEN has the highest bioavailability. Menaquinone form of Vitamin K2 is absorbed 20X higher than any other form
    • STRONGER IMMUNITY AND MUSCLES: D3+K2 are known to boost skeletal muscle development, prevent chronic diseases and improve cell function. Together they are known to improve cardiovascular function and support a healthy heart
    • 100% VEG & SAFE FOR USE: Our Plant D3K2 effervescent tablets are 100% Vegetarian, Pure, NON-GMO, Dope Free, Banned Substance Free, Caffeine Free & with No Added Sugars
    • GREAT TASTE & EASY TO USE: These tasty Mango Effervescent tablets are amazing — simply drop 1 tablet in a 250ml glass of water, allow it to fizz, and have an amazingly healthy drink.

    Naturyz 100% Plant Vitamin D3 K2

  • Naturyz Apple Cider Vinegar Effervescent Tablets

    • Naturyz Apple Cider Vinegar Effervescent Tablets | Detox | Immunity | Supports Digestion | | Gluten-Free | Vegan – 15 tablets (Apple Flavour)
  • NATURYZ Plant KSM-66 For Muscle recovery Relieve Stress & Recovery (Green Apple Flavour)

    • NATURYZ Plant KSM-66 For Muscle recovery Relieve Stress & Recovery (Green Apple Flavour)
  • Naturyz Tribulus Terrestris 3000 Pro Gokshura Effervescent Tablets

    • HIGHEST STRENGTH EFFERVESCENT TABLETS: This Tribulus Terrestris Supplement for Men delivers 3000mg of Pure Gokshura in each serving in Effervescent orange flavoured tablets
    • ESPECIALLY CRAFTED FOR BODYBUILDERS & ACTIVE PEOPLE: Naturyz Tribulus Terrestris 3000 Pro Gokshura has been made for bodybuilders, gym-goers, and active people to help boost their performance
    • 100% POTENT NATURAL SUPPLEMENT: Naturyz Tribulus Terrestris 3000 is a potent natural supplement that offers 3000 mg of Tribulus Gokshura per serving standardized to 45% saponins. It is a 100% vegetarian formulation
    • IMPROVES STAMINA: Naturyz Tribulus Terrestris 3000 Pro Gokshura herbal supplement may be useful in improving stamina and decreasing fatigue. As a result, you perform better at the gym. It boosts the nitric oxide levels to help enhance pump during workouts
    • ENHANCES ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Naturyz Tribulus tablets are a dietary supplement that helps enhance energy levels and supports muscle protein synthesis to provide quick post-workout recovery
    • BULD MUSCLES AND STRENGTH: Naturyz Tribulus Terrestris 3000 Pro supports in better muscle building and strength
    • VEGAN, SAFE & GLUTEN FREE: Naturyz Tribulus Terrestris 3000 is gluten-free with natural active ingredients having no artificial ingredients

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