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  • All Natural Veggie Fruit & Baby Toys Cleaning Liquid 2 IN 1 500ML

    • Naturyz Veggie Fruit & Baby Toys Cleaning Liquid consists of 10 plant based ingredients like Neem, Amla, Tulsi, Ritha Powder, Manjuphal, Suhaga, Lemon, Gulab, Vinegar.
    • All these active ingredients perform multi action on fruits and vegetables like wash off impurities, dirt, dust, germs, bacteria, chemicals, waxes, pesticides and preservatives effectively.
    • It is 100% safe as it does not contain any harmful chemicals, soap, alcohol, detergents, chlorine, preservatives and other residue. You can use it without any worry.
    • With Cleaning, Veggie cleaning liquid helps to restore the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.
    • Naturyz cleaning liquid contains natural & absolutely safe ingredients which helps to hold the fresh appearance and natural taste for longer time.
  • BCAA Energy Blast Blueberry Flavour Workout Supplement

    • 7000 Pure Instantized Vegan BCAA: Naturyz delivers the highest and the right dose of 7000mg Pure Vegetarian Instantized bcaa’s in the scientifically proven 2:1:1 ratio to prevent Muscle breakdown, reduce muscle soreness & Speed up muscle recovery
    • The Complete Workout Drink: This product is not just a plain BCAA drink Supplement It is a unique combination of Pre workout, Intra-workout & Post workout boosters added with Electrolytes to help you stay hydrated throughout your training session and gym workout
    • Power Packed with the Best Bodybuilding nutrients: Apart from delivering 7g BCAA’s this powder energy drink also contains Glutamine, L Citrulline & Beta alanine for Muscle recovery, muscle pump and power
    • Value for Money: Now you don’t have to purchase 3 different products for pre workout intra workout and post workout. So why pay extra for different supplements when you can get them all in only one supplement
    • Quicker & Better Absorption of Instantized BCAA: Although there are many other BCAA capsules powders & tablets present in market but Instantized BCAA powder has faster absorption into the muscles which is of utmost importance while choosing a perfect BCAA. It is dope free
  • Naturyz Cotton Printed Reusable & Washable Face Mask with Replaceable N95 SITRA Certified 5 Layer Filters | Nose Pin with Adjustable Earloops (Multicolour, Without Valve, Pack of 3) for Women

    • COMFORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & SUPER BREATHABLE FOR DAILY USE: This mask is made of 100% ultra-light weight, soft & comfortable cotton fabric that can be used for long hours during whole day for easy breathing
    • ADJUSTABLE NOSE PIN & EARLOOPS: Unlike most cotton masks, our Mask has Nose Pin and soft ear adjusters for a more secure fit & better protection. This helps in minimal eyewear fogging, reduced irritation around ears during facial moments
    • TRENDY, DESIGNER & CUSTOMISED SIZE FIT: This stylish face mask can be used by Women as per the size options available to fit your face shape perfectly and keep you fashionable and safe at home, office and while travelling
    • MULTPURPOSE USE AS PER LOCATION : Our face mask can be used both as a 3 layer cotton mask in non crowded areas or along with the replaceable 5 layer activated carbon filter for added protection in crowded places
    • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Our reusable Cloth Face Masks are machine-washable and can be washed and reused repeatedly up to 30 times. This washable face mask is designed for long run
  • Naturyz Extra Comfort Reusable 95+ Inventaa Face Mask for Men & Women

    • Naturyz Extra Comfort Reusable 95+ Face Mask comes with 3-layer air mesh which consist of 2 melt blown filter and 1 spun bonded filter that provides 95%+ bacterial filtration efficiency.
    • These mask are for both Men & Women and can fit any shape and size of face providing comfortable breathing to user.
    • Reusable 95+ mask can be used multiple times. User have to only replace the filter after usage of 40 hours.
    • This mask comes with adjustable ear loops which provide 360° protections as it stops air entering from any side of mask.
    • Naturyz reusable 95+ mask can filter out fluids or droplets apart from germs, dust and helps to prevent spread of respiratory and infectious diseases.
    • It is cost effective as you experience new mask every time by simply changing the filter after usage of average 40 hours which saves the money spent on buying new mask.
  • Naturyz Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer for Body Temperature, Fever for baby & Adults

    • SAFE, HYGIENIC & NON POISIONOUS THERMOMETER: Designed with a specialized flexible tip, our digital medical thermometer for detecting fever fits easily under the tongue, armpit or rectum without poking or hurting the skin and suitable to be used as an adult and baby thermometer. Non toxic and waterproof material ensures easy cleaning after each use.
    • EASY TO USE & SMART FUNCTIONING: Our digital thermometer for body temperature checking has smart features like LCD screen with backlight for trouble-free viewing, clever start and completion alert beeping, single button on/off, replaceable battery, and ±.5 Degrees °F accuracy body temperature range of 90°F to 109F.
    • POFESSIONAL ACCURACY: Naturyz Flexible tip digital thermometers’ advanced technology makes it the best digital medical thermometer for family, you can get highly accurate readings in just 60 seconds.
    • RELIABLE AND CONVENIENT: Our Flexible tip medical thermometer digital for fever and body temperature have compact and lightweight body that is easy to carry around, sleek and ergonomic shape, and are made with premium-quality materials that ensure durability and also available in three different colours. This is very economical and must have thermometer (digital) for every home.
    • HOW TO USE: This digital thermometer for fever for all (adult & baby) can be use very easily. Just see the backside of the pack for instructions or you can see those instructions in above images.
  • Naturyz IMMUNO SUPPORT with Natural Vitamin C, Elderberry & Zinc

    • Naturyz Immuno support is made up of organic ingredients like Phyllantus Emblica Extract (Amla), Elderberry, Acerola Berry Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids (Lemon & Orange), Echinacea Extract and other immune-boosting nutrients
    • Immuno Support is a triple-action immunity booster that consists of traditional used herbal blends, natural Vitamin C and Immunity boosting vitamins and minerals
    • Naturyz Supplements contains Amla, Acerola and Citrus Bioflavonoids like natural Vitamin C which helps in reducing oxidative stress and builds Immunity
    • Fortified with essential minerals and vitamins for immune system like Zinc, Vitamin A, E and Vitamin B6 which helps to decrease the susceptibility to diseases
    • Immuno Support helps our immune system to fight off bacteria, viruses, infections, and seasonal infections while producing important antibodies to speed up the healing process
  • Naturyz Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant Spray 500ML

    • Naturyz Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant spray is a unique combination of natural ingredients like Neem, Camphor, Witch Hazel extract along with denatured alcohol & perfume
    • As it is made up of alcohol which is very effective to remove a wide range of bacteria, germs, fungi present on different surfaces and our daily use objects
    • It is effective on different surfaces as specially designed to decontaminate, sanitize & protects a wide range of surfaces present around us
    • Naturyz Surface Disinfectant spray is made up of active ingredients only and does not contain any gas
    • It’s very easy to use all you need is spray leave for a few seconds and it’s ready to use. It quickly sanitizes and very easy to carry anywhere
  • Naturyz Omega 3 Fish Oil + Multivitamin 60 Softgel Capsules

    • Mint Flavoured Omega 3 Fish Oil Multivitamin: Naturyz introduces a Mint flavoured Omega 3 supplement containing EPA & DHA extracted from deep-sea fish oils and fortified with important multivitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K all together in one capsule
    • Fish Oil Multivitamin Combo: Instead of taking omega 3 fish oil and Multivitamin separately, now you get the goodness of both in Just 1 mini softgel capsule or manufacturing technology and the refreshing Mint flavour do not cause the Fishy aftertaste associated with regular fish oils
    • Supports Immunity & Overall Health: Each capsule consists of multivitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Vitamin K which play an important role in supporting the immune system along with Omesga 3 for overall well being of Men and Women
    • Easy To Swallow Mini Soft Gels: The capsules are very easy to swallow as they have been developed in Mini softgel sizes which are much smaller than regular Softgel capsules
    • Ultra Pure Micro Filtered: Our Omega 3 Fish Oil goes through the process of Molecular distillation which makes it absolutely Mercury Free with zero contamination of any toxins
  • Naturyz Platinum CLA-Carnitine With Omega 3-6-9 : MCT Oil

    • THE 2 IN 1 SPORTS PERFORMANCE FORMULA: Naturyz Platinum CLA Carnitine is a premium Sports supplement, combining the power of CLA & Carnitine to boost sports performance of athletes, sports persons and fitness enthusiasts
    • GOODNESS OF MCT OIL & OMEGA 3-6-9: MCT Oil and Omega 3-6-9 in Naturyz CLA Carnitine helps to increase the effectiveness of CLA. Research shows that the MCT Oil, Omega 3-6-9 and CLA together work more effectively and support metabolism
    • FAST ABSORPTION & QUICK ACTION: Naturyz Platinum CLA Carnitine comes in liquid form as a result facilitating much faster absorption as compared to tablets, powders or capsules
    • IDEAL FOR LEAN MUSCLES & MUSCLE GROWTH: CLA Carnitine liquid for men & women supports Muscle growth & may help you get Lean muscles
    • TASTY & EASY TO TAKE: Liquid CLA Carnitine comes in a refreshing and tangy Orange flavor that entices your taste buds and revitalizes you. No more hassles of mixing powders or unpleasant tablets. Just 1 tablespoon to get 1 tasty serving daily
  • Naturyz Triple Strength OMEGA 3 Fish Oil 60 Softgels

    • HIGHEST STRENGTH 2450MG OMEGA 3-6-9: Naturyz Triple Strength Fish Oil provides the highest dosage per serving, delivering the various health advantages associated with all three kinds of Omega 3-6-9.
    • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED EPA & DHA TO BOOST IMMUNITY: Studies show that the EPA and DHA content of Omega 3 is responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3, contributes the most to support the Immune functions
    • FISH OIL EXTRACTED FROM SMALL FISHES : The fish oil we use is extracted from only small& tiny, fatty fishes as these fishes contain very little heavy metals
    • ULTRA-PURE, MICRO FILTERED& MERCURY FREE: Naturyz Omega 3 Fish oil capsules goes through different stages of Purification& Filtration in order to remove heavy metals because of which it is free from Mercury & other harmful toxins
    • PREMIUM ABSORPTION FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS: Our Omega 3 Softgels are manufactured for easy consumption with superior absorption. These Omega 3 fish oil capsules are non-GMO & Gluten free
    • ADVANCED DELIVERY SYSTEM: Our Anti-reflux formula of Omega 3 Fish Oil softgels ensures better absorption of Omega 3 fatty acids and has no fishy aftertaste
    • MINIMAL OXIDATION WITH NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES: We ensure the minimal oxidation as we always provide only fresh stock. The oxidation is slowed down as we do not use any artificial colours or preservatives in our product
  • Testo 6 Supplement for Men Energy Booster Tablets

    • Naturyz Testo 6 supplement is a natural testosterone booster for men with 6 traditionally used herbs to build energy and performance. Each Serving of Testo 6 supplement contains 1000mg Tribulus Terrestris Extract, 300mg Safed Musli Extract, 300mg Kaunj Extract, 200mg Ashwagandha powder, 200mg Fenugreek Extract, 100mg Panax Ginseng Extract. Helps in enhancing testosterone in Men.
    • Testosterone is the foremost hormonal driver of muscle growth. It’s easy to increase strength and build muscles faster by increasing the testosterone levels, Tribulus promotes positive nitrogen balance and enhance muscle protein synthesis and reduces the time for muscle recovery.
    • All 6 potent herbs Tribulus Terrestris, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Kaunj Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract makes a perfect blend which is the unique formulation of vegetarian herbs used traditionally to improve men’s testosterone level and it is 100% Natural and safe to consume.
    • Reduces Body fat and increases the energy level for optimum performance with Naturyz testosterone booster it is easy to build Lean Muscle Mass with 6 potential herbs all in 1vegetarian tablet to naturally raise your testosterone level in your body and increases energy level to perform at your peak during Your toughest workout sessions.
    • Naturyz Testo 6 testosterone booster is Dope Free and Manufactured in GMP, HACCP & ISO certified facility to ensure the Purity & Quality of the Product.

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