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  • BCAA Energy Blast Blueberry Flavour Workout Supplement

    • 7000 Pure Instantized Vegan BCAA: Naturyz delivers the highest and the right dose of 7000mg Pure Vegetarian Instantized bcaa’s in the scientifically proven 2:1:1 ratio to prevent Muscle breakdown, reduce muscle soreness & Speed up muscle recovery
    • The Complete Workout Drink: This product is not just a plain BCAA drink Supplement It is a unique combination of Pre workout, Intra-workout & Post workout boosters added with Electrolytes to help you stay hydrated throughout your training session and gym workout
    • Power Packed with the Best Bodybuilding nutrients: Apart from delivering 7g BCAA’s this powder energy drink also contains Glutamine, L Citrulline & Beta alanine for Muscle recovery, muscle pump and power
    • Value for Money: Now you don’t have to purchase 3 different products for pre workout intra workout and post workout. So why pay extra for different supplements when you can get them all in only one supplement
    • Quicker & Better Absorption of Instantized BCAA: Although there are many other BCAA capsules powders & tablets present in market but Instantized BCAA powder has faster absorption into the muscles which is of utmost importance while choosing a perfect BCAA. It is dope free
  • BCAA Energy Blast Guava Flavour Workout Supplement

    • Naturyz BCAA delivers 7g of pure isolated BCAA in scientifically proven 2:1:1 ration of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine respectively.
    • It provides 2g of Citrulline & Beta Alanine for power and pump & 2.5g Glutamine to speed up recovery.
    • It also provides electrolytes to prevent dehydration and preventing muscle fatigue.
    • Naturyz BCAA is a complete workout drink as it contains pre-workout, intra-workout & post-workout ingredients which supports in overall workout performance.
    • It is manufactured in GMP, ISO & HACCP Certified facility which ensures the quality & safety of the product.
  • Double Strength NATURAL VITAMIN C With Zinc Supplement 60 Tablets

    • Naturyz Vitamin C 1000mg is made up of pure, natural and plant-based sources like Amla, Acerola Berry Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids and Zinc Gluconate. It doesn’t contain cheap synthetic Ascorbic Acid.
    • All these ingredients provide a natural immune boost to our body and fight off germs, bacteria to support and strengthen the immune system.
    • In our Vitamin C Supplement, we have Citrus Bioflavonoids made from naturally grown oranges and Lemon to enhance the bioavailability of Vitamin C.
    • Each tablet of Naturyz Vitamin C Tablets provides double strength of Vitamin C with Zinc i.e. vitamins to boost the immune system
    • Our Vitamin C tablets are manufactured in GMP; ISO & HACCP certified facility where the quality, purity and safety of the product is ensured.
  • Naturyz Calcium Plus for Bone Health

    • Naturyz Calcium Plus is a powerful combination of Calcium and Magnesium, Vitamin D & Zinc which together helps to enhance the absorption of calcium into bones and make bone health better.
    • It contains 500mg of elemental calcium, which is the safe dosage and gets absorbed into the bones quickly and effectively.
    • Calcium Plus helps to improve the joint structure and joint mobility and adds flexibility to joints.
    • Our Naturyz Calcium Plus is a 100% safe product. It is absolutely vegetarian and suitable for both men & women.
    • Calcium Plus tablets are manufactured under GMP, ISO & HACCP certified facility where the standard & safety of the product is ensured.
  • Naturyz Kids N95 Face Mask

    • 6 LAYER PROTECTION: Naturyz Multicolored Kids Face N95 Mask is reusable and washable for both boys and girls, and it has a multi-layered filtration system for better filtration. It can also be used multiple times
    • EASY BREATHING & ADJUSTABLE EAR LOOP: The Kids Face N95 Mask’s unique design is suitable for any face, providing more ventilation space and comfort. The adjustable ear loops provide comfort and protection by preventing air from entering the mask from any side
    • 95 percent + FILTRATION EFFICIENCY: The Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask provides 95 percent + BFE with a 6 layer filter that includes Melt Blown filters for Bacterial & Small particle filtration and an activated carbon filter to protect from smog & hazardous gases
    • ADJUSTABLE NOSE CLIP: The Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask has an adjustable nose clip to keep the mask in place and prevent it from sliding down to the face. It assists children who wear glasses in keeping their lenses from fogging up
    • NIOSH and ISO Certified Mask: The Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask is both NIOSH and ISO certified. The Naturyz Kids Face N95 Mask is Washable, lighter, waterproof and delivers greater filtration
  • Naturyz LEAN CUTZ Thermogenic Fat Burner Tablets

    1. A powerful combination of quality ingredients: Naturyz Lean Cutz is a premium Thermogenic fat burner & weight loss supplement, made up with 800mg Acetyl L- Carnitine, 500mg Green Tea Extract, 200mg Caffeine, Green Coffee Bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia extract, & Chromium Picolinate
    2. 4-way mechanism of action: It works on 4-way action of burning stored fat. Firstly, it speeds up metabolism. Secondly suppresses appetite & hunger. Thirdly breaks down fat cells to convert it into energy. Finally burns extra calories to generate heat in the body
    3. An Ideal fat burner supplement for Men & Women: Naturyz fat burning pills works on all types of fat stored on your every body part like belly fat, arms fat, thigh fat and supports achieve weight loss goals, which makes it best fat burner and weight loss supplements for men and women.
    4. Just 2 tablets daily: Take just 1 tablet 2 times in a day, 30 minutes before taking meals and in order to get better results and outcomes, it should be combined with the Right diet and right exercise
    5. Quality weight loss product: Naturyz daily fat burner and weight loss tablets are manufactured in GMP ISO & HACCP certified facility and It is tested for its nutritional value, purity, safety & quality standards
  • Naturyz MEN’S SPORT : Advanced Men’s Daily Multivitamin and Nutrient Blend

    • The Advanced Immunity Booster: These multivitamin tablets are potent blend of 55 vital vitamins and minerals along with immunity-boosting herbal extracts, superfoods, aminos & antioxidants that work towards enhancing your immunity levels
    • Multivitamins Especially for men: These multivitamin tablets are especially formulated for the special needs of all men to take care of their overall health. Wide range of nutrients makes this multivitamin supplement one of the best among all the multivitamin supplements for men
    • 13 Performance blends: These multivitamin men tablets come with 13 Performance blends. These blends support the overall health, immunity and performance of Men, making it an ideal multivitamin supplement for Bodybuilding, Active men, Old age& athletes
    • Quality product: Naturyz Mens Sport Multivitamin for men are manufactured in GMP, ISO & HACCP certified facility. It is tested for its nutritional value, quality, purity and safety
    • Just 1 tablet in a day: Take just one Naturyz Mens Sport Multivitamin tablet per day to promote muscular growth, a healthy metabolism, bone health, and eye health, as well as improve sports performance.
  • Naturyz Surge 4X Pre-Workout Formula Mix Fruit Fusion

    • Naturyz Surge 4X is made up of 15 top-quality ingredients with fully loaded with 4X matrix Pre-workout formula.
    • It is Pre-workout formula works with 4 Matrix- Power & Performance Matrix, Advance Pump Matrix, Explosive Energy & Focus Matrix & Vitamin Blends.
    • It is available in refreshing mouthwatering flavour of Mix Fruit Fusion.
    • Surge 4X helps to trigger incredible muscle pump, Increase muscle power & strength, maximize energy & focus and minimize muscle fatigue.
    • It is manufactured in GMP, ISO & HACCP Certified facility which ensures the quality & safety of the product.
  • Naturyz Triple Strength OMEGA 3 Fish Oil 60 Softgels

    • HIGHEST STRENGTH 2450MG OMEGA 3-6-9: Naturyz Triple Strength Fish Oil provides the highest dosage per serving, delivering the various health advantages associated with all three kinds of Omega 3-6-9.
    • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED EPA & DHA TO BOOST IMMUNITY: Studies show that the EPA and DHA content of Omega 3 is responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3, contributes the most to support the Immune functions
    • FISH OIL EXTRACTED FROM SMALL FISHES : The fish oil we use is extracted from only small& tiny, fatty fishes as these fishes contain very little heavy metals
    • ULTRA-PURE, MICRO FILTERED& MERCURY FREE: Naturyz Omega 3 Fish oil capsules goes through different stages of Purification& Filtration in order to remove heavy metals because of which it is free from Mercury & other harmful toxins
    • PREMIUM ABSORPTION FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS: Our Omega 3 Softgels are manufactured for easy consumption with superior absorption. These Omega 3 fish oil capsules are non-GMO & Gluten free
    • ADVANCED DELIVERY SYSTEM: Our Anti-reflux formula of Omega 3 Fish Oil softgels ensures better absorption of Omega 3 fatty acids and has no fishy aftertaste
    • MINIMAL OXIDATION WITH NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES: We ensure the minimal oxidation as we always provide only fresh stock. The oxidation is slowed down as we do not use any artificial colours or preservatives in our product
  • Naturyz Triple strength ZMA PLUS Supplement 60 Tablets

    • 3X more Powerful ZMA: Naturyz ZMA is a triple strength ZMA supplement, which is three times more powerful than regular ZMA products, which makes it an ideal supplement for muscle recovery, muscle gain & muscle power
    • Better than other regular ZMA: Unlike most of the regular ZMA, Naturyz Triple Strength ZMA PLUS tablets made up with 250mg Tribulus Terrestris along with 450mg Magnesium Aspartate, 30mg Zinc, Vitamin B6 & Black Pepper Extract for better results in a just 1 tablet
    • Just 1 tablet daily: With Just 1 tablet daily of Naturyz ZMA Plus supplement, you get the full daily dose while we need to take 3 or more tablets of the regular ZMA products
    • Ideal Magnesium and Zinc supplement: This Zinc & Magnesium supplement is ideal for both men and women needing magnesium & zinc supplementation for Muscle cramps, recovery, tingling or numbness in limbs and muscular pain which are often signs of low magnesium levels in human body
    • Quick & Faster Absorption: Naturyz ZMA supplement has Magnesium Aspartate as the magnesium source for higher bioavailability to reduce fatigue, improve muscle recovery & enhance muscle functioning
    • Ideal Supplement Sports recovery Supplement: Most Athletes, Strength trainers, sports person, Fitness Freaks & Bodybuilders are deficient in magnesium as it gets depleted due to sweating during training, which results in affecting the quality of the recovery. So Naturyz ZMA PLUS is an ideal & perfect choice for Athletes & Sportspersons also

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