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Best Recommended Time to Take Multivitamins

Vitamins Time

Multivitamins are nutritional supplements that contain vitamins and minerals with some added ingredients like herbs, amino acids and fatty acids. They are also called multivits or multis. They are very popular in the market due to their impact on overall health. Many of us think that a healthy balanced diet provides all nutrients that we need but there are several reasons for taking multivitamins like it fulfills deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, supports overall well-being and specific health problems as well.

When any individual decided to take any nutritional supplements or multivitamins for maintaining their optimum health, it is also important to know about the right time for taking those pills as they play a huge role in their impact on your body. Therefore, by figuring out the correct time of taking multivitamin supplements, you will assure yourself that they are properly absorbed and getting the most of your multivitamins. Before figuring out the best time to take multivitamins, one thing is needed to note that most of your nutrition comes with natural and whole food sources as it helps in better absorption of nutrients and you don’t have to deal with the side effects from excessive consumption of supplements.

It is recommended to take multivitamins in the combination with meals during the day because it avoids complications like nausea or vomiting. It is also recommended to take a multivitamin tablet with foods that are high in fats as pills contain mostly fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, and K and these vitamins build a better bond with natural fats that are present in your food. Thus, it is absorbed better by your body.

Vitamin supplements are divided into two categories on the capacity of absorption, and the nature of absorption determines the best time to take supplements:

  • Water-Soluble Vitamins are not naturally produced by the body and are absorbed by external sources like vegetables and nutritional supplements. It covers a complex of Vitamin B and Vitamin C. So it is recommended to take Vitamin C in tiny amounts throughout the day through natural sources but in the form of supplementation, it is advisable to take it right after waking up. If you want to consume it later in the day, take it before half an hour of every meal as consistency optimizes its value. Similarly, B complex vitamins should also be spread out evenly throughout the day and consistent doses get the most of your supplement.
  • Fat-Soluble Vitamins are primarily synthesized within your body. So, its need is less in amounts and it includes Vitamin A, D E and K. So, the best time to take Vitamin D is with meals that are rich in water-soluble vitamins with fats to optimize their benefits. But it is also dependent on additional nutritional supplements that you are taking with it. Similarly, other fat-soluble vitamins should be taken with fats and water-soluble vitamins. It is also recommended that take it earlier in the day to ensure better absorption and energy levels throughout the day.

Regardless of this, always assure that you are taking a well-balanced diet with regular exercise to ensure maximum health benefits from all supplements. The best thing is to adopt it in your daily regime and ensure consistency with your supplementation.

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