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7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight


Many people tell you that doing weight loss is hard, but honestly, it is easily managed if you focused on some factors that play a vital role in it which include genetics, environment, sleep, habits, muscle mass, and many more. Weight management is incredibly complicated, but it is not impossible. In managing weight it is important to focus on small successes that also help you to overcome in between hurdles to achieve your goals.

So, if your weight loss has plateau or you have hit a snag, it’s time to reassess. Therefore, check out these 7 reasons for not losing weight that you are not expecting and the way a step forward again on your weight loss journey to winning at losing.

  1. Sleep schedule is wrong: Either you are having less than 5 hours of sleep or taking more than 9 hours of sleep at night leads to weight gain. Both can affect your hormones that control your appetite and hunger. Also, if your body is not rested properly, you may skip your workouts too.
  2. Don’t drink enough water: To lose extra pounds, intake of 2-6 cups of plain water is essential each day. It doesn’t contain any calories, so it satisfies the thirst without adding weight. But if you grab sodas, juices, or coffee drink that are packed with high sugars can add up to weight gain.
  3. Waiting or Skipping up meals: Metabolism of food slows down when you wait for a longer time and it also does not burn off all the calories that be eaten on the next meal. Those extra calories lead to extra weight gain and also you may overeat due to hunger. Therefore, it is always recommended to have small frequent meals.
  4. Sit all day: Obsession of desk job or TV, may make it harder to drop those pesky pounds and at this time you can overeat and gain weight. It’s important to have brief exercise breaks during the day to stay healthy. Also, if you reward yourself with smoothies or foods after every workout then you will ruin all the sweaty work which leads to weight gain.
  5. Stress gives hunger pangs: If an individual is tensed, then they are more likely to reach for unhealthy as they give high-calories treats for relieving the mood and giving comfort. In this situation, you may eat when you don’t need food.
  6. Medication effects: Some drugs affect negatively health which leads to weight gain, for example, steroids change the metabolism and make you feel hungrier by which you may eat extra calories and gain weight.
  7. Health problems and genes aren’t in favor: Some health problems make it hard to lose weight even after doing exercises and dieting for example thyroid can be a health reason for not losing weight. Also, genes play a vital role in how much your weight is and where you stored your fat.

Weight loss is not easy always and various factors hamper this journey. At the most basic level, when calorie intake is equal to or higher than usage affects your weight loss goal and maybe the reason for not losing weight. So strategize yourself wisely by mindful eating, eating more protein and whole foods, and doing strength exercises. In the end, managing the weight and being living healthily requires patience, dedication, perseverance, and resilience.

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