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6 Reasons You’re Always Feel Fatigued While Doing Weight Loss


Are you always being tired while losing weight? If yes, here is the list of why this is happening.

Not getting enough quality sleep

Most of us forget the basic need of our body i.e. a good quality sleep and enough hours of sleep. If you don’t sleep well then it seems to have a chronic problem and you should consult your healthcare practitioner about what might be wrong. While doing weight loss, it is needed to maintain good sleep hygiene for better results.

Eating only to boost up your energy levels

Are you eating fatty and sugary carbohydrate snacks to energize yourself, but still feel tired and want to be productive, then go for exercises instead of taking junk. As it energizes you for some moment, but not for a longer period. During weight loss, a well-balanced diet needs to be taken for good results.

Long gaps between meals

If you are taking 4-5 hours gaps between meals, then you should include snacks as the body needs fuel and long time gaps could set you up for low energy. It is recommended by various healthcare professionals to take both major and minor meals in small intervals for goals-oriented results of weight loss.

Not eating enough

Calories: Every individual is different as some need a lower amount of calories to be energetic but some need more calories to not feel tired, irritable, or light-headed. So, therefore it is needed to personalize your calorie targets through which you can’t go for excessive hunger by following a calorie deficit diet of weight loss.

Proteins: It should be aimed to have 60 gm protein per day, which is divided into 3 major meals, but somehow everyone is not achieving that figure and feels tired. So for this, you can include protein snacks as well if you find hunger pangs and this will be especially helpful for weight loss.

Carbohydrates: It is useful to cut carbohydrates from junk carbs, but it is needed to include healthy carb choices to main blood glucose levels of the body. Also, either high or low blood glucose levels can make you feel tired by which you cannot achieve the goal of weight loss.

Exercises are not okay

Many individuals go for fatigue or tiredness full day because of too little or too many exercises to lose weight fast. So, if you wake up early for a workout, go to bed early to avoid losing sleep hours. Analyze your exercises well i.e. based on intensity, frequency, and duration. Put a step backward if you are overdoing it. Long working hours in a sitting position, always put you towards fatigue so find an excuse to walk somewhere every hour. Poor sleep and sedentary activity are particularly a bad combination that sets you up for overeating foods to stay awake.

Stress levels are not balanced

Tiredness happens because of chronic stress as well as it diminishes energy and positive mood. So, you should identify that and work on resolving it. Many of us also use comfort eating to overcome stress, but if you are trying to lose weight, how can you handle that. Therefore, make a backup plan and adopt the best way to lose weight fast like if you love to chew use crunchy non-starchy veggies, ice, etc. that has minimal calories. Exercises can also help in defusing stress levels.

Based on the above reasons, it can be identified that chronic fatigue is a sign from which it can be understood that something is not going quite right. So, if any individual is having fatigue, then you should consult your healthcare professional if you can’t able to solve it while doing weight loss.

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